Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
140 NE 1st Street,
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: 561-278-0424


So Many Ways Your Chamber Can Support You

Once you become a member of the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, plan to become an active one. Choose from a broad menu of opportunities and ways to get involved.


General groups

Advocacy: know the issues on the table

The Chamber offers a number of outlets, including the Economic Development and Government Affairs meetings, which connect you to the issues in the business community.

Sponsorships: gain name recognition

By sponsoring a Chamber program, your organization reaches local businesses and community leaders who recognize and appreciate companies that are actively involved in creating a healthy business climate. This recognition will help you make those important connections that lead to growth and success.

Ambassador: meet, greet, mentor

Ambassadors serve as your welcoming guide to the Chamber at social gatherings, mentor new members, and promote new member participation.

Leads Groups: find and measure your niche

A key benefit of the Chamber is membership in an exclusive-category networking group called Leads Groups. These unique groups provide additional opportunities for members who are interested in a smaller, more focused and structured form of networking. Meetings are twice a month.

Leadership Delray: a class act in civics

Leadership Delray is a program for individuals who are passionate about the community and have a desire to connect with prominent business, government and civic leaders as part of their own leadership growth. Through unique first-hand experiences, participants (who are part of a class) learn what it means to be a leader as they explore all aspects of our community.


C-Level Membership (Chairman's Club Membership): room at the top

This premium membership level is composed of CEOs, community trustees and corporate leaders who participate in exclusive networking and VIP events. Members of the Chairman’s Club develop valuable relationships among key business and political leaders, and lend expertise on critical issues in the Chamber and the community.


Nonprofit Council: compare notes with other NPOs

The Non-Profit Council connects members with fellow NPO members. Once a month, they meet over lunch to discuss issues of concern to the non-profit environment in the community.  Each non-profit is given time to make a one-minute presentation.

Health Care Council: take the pulse of the community

The Health Care Council promotes the value and unification of health care professionals and establishments within Delray to better serve the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the community. Regular meetings allow for education, awareness, communication and forging of partnerships between providers.

Young Professionals of Delray (YPAD): for the under-40 group

A group for members under the age of 40, Young Professionals places an emphasis on mentorship opportunities, networking among peers, education and professional development. Events are held in unique settings throughout Delray.

Focus on Women: build a long-term network

Networking and activities focused on personal growth, success, education and personal enrichment are the focus. Networking gatherings occur throughout the year in a no-pressure environment, and are designed to build strong and long-lasting relationships with other women. Breakfast networking, luncheons, after-work events and guest speakers are among the key activities.